How to find cost-effective therapy

How to find cost-effective therapy

Better care assisted by better data means less money spent on readmissions.

Your search for cost-effective therapy shouldn’t be a hassle.

If you or someone that you care for needs to see a physical therapist, having a straightforward process that not only provides you the most accurate recovery plan but also keeps costs down, is easily a lifesaver.

We believe that no one should have to sacrifice their day-to-day productivity or the ability to enjoy new experiences simply because they might not know where to start in regards to finding cost-effective therapy.

The value in living your life comfortably is priceless, right? – It sure feels that way! On the other hand, time and money are both very limited. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, you’ll want to take time to thoroughly find the right physical therapy program so you can effectively get back to your daily routine.

Therapy can be expensive with most people expecting to pay $20 – $55 with insurance and $75 – $150 without insurance per session. With the higher side of the average cost being up to $350 per session, being critical during your search for therapy becomes an important factor in saving money.

Finding a treatment plan that provides you the most results in relation to the cost is the ultimate goal when it comes to looking for cost-effective therapy. Don’t just aim to save money though, look for affordable therapy that will take care of your specific health needs successfully.

Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Begin by identifying the medical interventions that you’ll need for treatment. These are measures taken to improve health and help prevent future injuries. This can be done through consultations with a healthcare professional to get the most precise recommendations possible. You can contact your primary doctor to schedule a consultation, reach out to local care providers such as ZoomCare for an appointment, or call your insurance for a list of preferred providers to choose from.
  2. Ask your primary doctor to provide referrals. This is particularly helpful if you have an already established rapport with your primary care doctor. They will have an accurate and educated referral based on your health records and may be able to make recommendations based on the area.
  3. When on the lookout for a physical therapist, you might need to find one that specializes in your specific needs:
  • Neurological
  • Orthopedic
  • Geriatric
  • Pediatric
  • Vestibular
  • Cardiovascular
  • Pulmonary

Be sure to keep this in mind during your search, especially if you are choosing to find a therapist without a professional reference first.

  1. Check online reviews to better verify the value of care you’ll expect to see.
  • Google and Yelp can show you reviews in addition to helping you find local therapists.
  1. Consult with multiple physical therapists before making your final decision to find the right fit for you. Going off the suggestions above, check a couple of the most highly reviewed therapists in your area or the recommended choices from your primary care doctor by calling or messaging them through their website if possible. See who’s the best fit for you in terms of availability, cost, and location.

Ways to further cut costs:

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What does efficiency mean to us?

We see and experience the obstacles of the community firsthand. As a diverse team of people who have had or know someone who has been through this process before, we know that money is limited and time is adamant. It’s important for us to find the right solution as fast and painlessly as possible. We’re excited to use these solutions too!

Theralytics provides cost-effective solutions to outdated medical software.

cost-effective therapy, data analytics, eldercare

Theralytics is a predictive health software that enables therapists in post-acute care to focus on what matters: customer health and experience. We use analytics to create accurate and customized physical therapy treatment plans based on real data.

Theralytics provides both therapists and patients helpful tools to make treatment plans more effective:

Role Based Access

  • Whether therapist or patient, you’ll have your own access to the specific privileges needed for therapy based on your role. Save time by easily utilizing the features that best help your role within recovery plans.

Audit Logs

  • Track every activity in detail, keeping all parties accountable and up to date. You’ll get the best value out of your physical therapy plan when there is complete transparency between everyone involved.

Optimal Length of Stay & Optimal Physical Therapy Hours

  • Therapists can set and determine how long you should be in physical therapy as well as how many hours are needed for the best results of your recovery plan, efficiently saving both time and money.

Admin Portal

  • The admin portal helps facilities assure that their staff is providing the right care for their patients. They’ll be able to manage the types of patients in their care and the efficiency of each patient’s stay.


  • Staying up to date with your therapist through the built-in messaging system helps keep yourself accountable and makes asking questions about your recovery plan convenient.

Better care assisted by better data means less money spent on readmissions. Lower the overall costs of physical therapy and save time by getting the most value out of your therapeutic recovery plan.

Searching for cost-effective therapy doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience! Using the steps and resources provided, you can easily find accurate and affordable care.



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