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    How does predictive analytics work?

    Predictive analytics optimizes data found from various databases to predict treatment results. This provides therapists with insights to make more informed decisions. In healthcare, predictive analytics utilizes patient data to discover alternative healing methods and support clinical judgement through new methods based on the outcomes of previous care plans.

    Is Theralytics a mobile app?

    No, the Theralytics software is available on desktop and tablet devices (PC & Apple). Because of its dynamic flexibility, clinicians are able to access the tablet version of Theralytics to continue working while they’re on-the-go.

    Is Theralytics only for eldercare?

    Yes. As of now, Theralytics is primarily focused on providing better outcomes for the elderly. Did you know, families spend 5x more on healthcare for people aged 65 and over? Regardless, we plan to expand our community impact by bringing Theralytics to all age groups in the future.

    Can I use Theralytics if my facility doesn’t?

    No. One of the advantages of Theralytics is how custom it is to each patient. We work closely with individual facilities to optimize care plans and medical data to provide patient-specific plans. Our software works by facility to give therapists and patients a more tailored experience.

    Can I join a waitlist so I know when this will be available at my facility?

    Yes! Feel free to use our contact page or email us at to be placed on the waitlist. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Is the data transferable between other EMRs?


    Who has access to a patient’s account?

    Transparency is our policy. We want to eliminate the common disconnect between patient care, family knowledge and therapy treatments to keep everyone on the same page. To accomplish this, we’ve created a patient portal that allows family members and caregivers to see all of the patient’s treatment updates and medical records.

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