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Taking feedback further

“The next time you’re confronted with negative feedback, don’t take it personally. It’s an opportunity to improve and make significant progress towards your goals.”

Redefine free time

“What you do in your free time is yours to decide. Ask yourself: what have you been missing from your routine? Start there.”

How does time management affect health care workers?

“Time management is more than just the process of planning.” Studies show that it actually has the strongest effect on our mental health in addition to boosting productivity.

Make progress your resolution

Achievement relies on our mindset while completing our goals throughout the year, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.”

From the community: Sophia Kennedy

“Either it got done by me or it didn’t happen. You just do what is necessary. It becomes second nature.”

10 (easy) healthy recipes

Skip the line at the drive-thru and avoid paying for delivery by trying these quick, health-friendly recipes instead.

Top 5 benefits of predictive analytics for therapy

From starting a new healing plan to working through a session with your patients, predictive analytics helps patients optimize their efforts by using past data to preemptively guide their treatment decisions.

How to find cost-effective therapy

Better care assisted by better data means less money spent on readmissions.

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