Prevedere Analytics, Inc.

Prevedere Analytics, Inc. is a computer software company specializing in predictive analytics. Our first product, Theralytics, brings PTs and OTs together with data to predict and ensure better outcomes for patients in eldercare.

Supporting clinical judgement with data.

Let’s rely on each other

Take this opportunity to improve patient experience. Let’s do it together through better healthcare value. We use telehealth to produce accurate results based on optimized data quality and increased treatment efficiency.

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Predict better outcomes

With quick and accurate data, our services provide customized treatment plans. Clustered data points, immediate queries and feedback loops let you narrow and sort your search for more specific answers. Rely on our assessments to present all outcomes and possible alternatives for your patients.


[ther-uh-lit-iks] n.

a prevedere analytics, inc. company

1. A predictive analytics software that uses diverse data from direct queries to predict efficient therapeutic recovery plans and treatment alternatives.

2. An innovative community that reduces the cost of time and money for recovery without sacrificing the quality of care.

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